Search for DB AG approval certificates for filler metals for welding

On this page you will find all welding filler metals certified by DB Systemtechnik. The certification is a prerequisite for the use of the welding filler metals in the application areas:
  1. Rail vehicle construction according to the EN 15085 series of standards, including DB guidelines 951.0010 and 951.0020,
  2. Welding on rails and superstructures according to DB guideline 824,
  3. Railway bridge construction and other engineering structures in accordance with DB Guideline 804.
For other areas of application (e.g. construction supervision), certification can be applied analogously or contractually agreed.
The current VA 918 490 procedure instruction applies to certification.
User instructions:
  1. In the approval certificate, the scope of application of the materials is specified with the material group according to CEN ISO/TR 15608. Explanations on the other applicable materials can be found in Appendix 3 of VA 918 490.
  2. Annex 6 of VA 918 490 contains specifications for the marking of the welding consumables supplied.
  3. All approval certificates visible in the online register are valid. This also applies to approval certificates with expired periods of validity, in which case the renewal procedure has not yet been completed. Invalid admission certificates will be deleted immediately.
If you have any questions, a contact person is available under Contact.
Filler metal certificate search
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